Sunday, June 12, 2011

A storyteller's best friend

This week I have a Guest Author spot on book blogger site 'CMash Loves To Read.'

An invite as guest to one of the blogs or websites that reviews books/interviews authors/hosts guest posts - is, for me, like an invite to a really cool party, but without the booze, the amateur dancing or the hassle of getting home in the middle of the night. And without waking up the next morning with a mouth like the bottom of a bird cage or a head doing an excellent impersonation of a jackhammer on a building site.

There are 2 free copies of the paperback edition of 'The Delta Chain' being offered in CMash's Giveaway Competition. There's also some general background info, and my guest post-
"A storyteller's best friend."

A storyteller's best friend might not be an idea or a character or a whopping advance or a shiny new laptop.

It might just be a question... (you can read the rest of the guest post and check out the site at CMash Loves To Read.)

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